WashClubTrak is the only end-to-end on-demand software designed for laundry and dry cleaning operators, by laundry and dry cleaning operators. Read how you can quickly increase the number of turns on your existing equipment.

WashClubTrak commerce icon Commerce

Product Categories

Setup product categories, such as "Wash & Fold", "Dry Cleaning", "Tailoring", or anything else that comes to mind.

Products & Options

Sell per-pound, per-item, per-bag, plus offer unlimited pricing tiers per zip code or per zone.

Tiered Order Minimums

Expand your coverage area and have a higher order minimum in zip codes further away from your facility.

Monthly Subscriptions

WashClubTrak allows you to offer customers monthly subscriptions for any categories, all with unique overage pricing.

Tiered Subscriptions

We took subscriptions one step further and you can now offer tiered monthly subscriptions based on zip code or zone.

Abandoned Carts

Track abandoned shopping carts using WashClubTrak's built-in module, or through third-party Klaviyo.

Post-Order Surveys

Survey customers when orders are completed and invite them to leave a public review based on your internal rating system.


Set tax on a global level, enable/disable tax on a product level, and/or override the global tax on a per-product level.

Gift Cards

Gift cards built-in. Generate more revenue and market to gift-buyers.

Store Credits

Offer store credits to existing customers for loyalty and/or service errors.

Coupons & Credits

Robust coupon management system. Create coupons for promotional items and track their usage.

Payments & Gateway Support

Charge credit cards on a per-order basis. WashClubTrak support multiple payment gateways, including Braintree Payments, and Payeezy.

Loyalty Built-In

WashClubTrak includes a referral-based affiliate system. Your customers can share their coupon code with people they know, and earn money when sending referrals.

Accepting Orders

Customers can order on the website; both desktop and responsive mobile version, via the iOS or Android native mobile application or by telephone. Operators and customers can schedule and reschedule at ease.


Customers are always in the loop. Customers can define their preferences in regards to notifications that they receive from the system.

Tiered Pricing

Sell products at a different price per zip code.

Order Minimum

Separate your zip codes into zones and specify a unique minimum order amount for each zone.

Recurring Orders

Schedule automated ordering for customers on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

POS [Point-of-Sale]

Now with a full-blown POS and register for your store. Pick up and delivery with logistics, plus a full-blown POS all-in-one at no additional cost.


Sell monthly subscriptions to your customers. Laundry subscriptions, dry cleaning subscriptions, or both! The most flexible subscription module with the most features.

Track Costs

Track your order costs with machine and dryer usage.

iOS & Android

Your very own branded iOS and Android apps at no additional cost. Customers can order, manage orders, and their account.

Loyalty Program

Reward repeat customers with discounts and incentives.

Commercial System

Built as a separate module within WashClubTrak, you can offer on-demand pick up and delivery to your commercial customers. Bill in real-time, biweekly, or monthly.

WashClubTrak logistics icon Logistics

Faster Process, More Efficient

WashClubTrak is a complete order management system. All orders are managed via Google Maps, with our proprietary logistics management software. Never miss, mix-up or lose an order again.

Driver Tracking

Both operators and customers can track drivers. Operators can track individual drivers or an entire fleet, and customers can track their driver. The tracking is so precise, you can literally watch a driver make a u-turn.

Smart Routing

Don't have time to train new drivers? Don't worry, WashClubTrak logistics will do it for you. It will pick the next stop for your driver based on time or distance all while including real-time traffic as well.

Route or On-Demand

Break orders up into specific routes for your drivers or simply go on-demand.

WashClubTrak marketing icon Marketing

Get Customers Fast

We'll get you up-and-running in no time. Free setup and management via Google AdWords, which is optional. We fully optimize your website and consistently exceed the required industry standards. We can also consult in other marketing aspects; such as print, Facebook, Yelp, email blasts, EDDM and so much more.

Friends & Family

Develop brand ambassadors through our referral program that rewards your existing customers for converting their friends and family into your future customers.

WashClubTrak analytics icon Analytics

Key Performance Indicators [KPI]

WashClubTrak features a robust KPI engine. Everything from customer order frequency, customer retention, orders by value, daily orders and many many more. You'll have all of the information you need to grow your business at your fingertips.

Keep Track of Everything

Nothing is more important than knowing what advertising campaigns are converting the best or tweaking campaigns to perform better. With WashClubTrak, you can create campaign groups, campaigns, track clicks, views and conversions.

Sales Statistics

View sales per product, by category and time period. Want to know how wash and fold compares to dry cleaning? No problem. Which products do customers purchase the least so you can put a bit more emphasis on them? No problem. With the built-in statistics, everything you need is in plain sight.

WashClubTrak support icon Support

General Support

Have general questions? Want to have a powwow about operations and marketing? No problem. Call or email us anytime.


We promise that you'll know WashClubTrak inside-out. Once you're setup; we'll schedule training sessions to get you processing orders.

WashClubTrak infrastructure icon Infrastructure

Always Up-to-Date

Fully hosted on-demand WashClubTrak software, with effortless and automatic software updates. Remember, industries change; laundry and dry cleaning are no exception. As the industry changes, so does WashClubTrak. You will benefit from those free enhancements, so you're always miles ahead of the competition.

Fail-Safe Hardware

Never worry about hardware failures. Our servers are load-balanced, equipped with blazing fast SSD drives, and contain multiple power supplies for redundancy.

Database Backups

Your data is backed up in real-time. Should there be a failure, data will be restored with no loss of data. Never worry about losing historical records.

Lights Out? Business On!

Category 5 hurricane resistant data-center, 7-inch thick, steel-reinforced concrete, tier-IV facility with N+2 power and cooling, located outside FEMA's 500-year designated flood zone, all 32-feet above sea level. You'll never be down.

As Good as Fort Knox

Worried about your customer's credit cards? Don't be. WashClubTrak is fully PCI compliant. Software and hardware firewalls in place. SSL certificates setup with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

WashClubTrak security icon Security

Administrator Roles

Never worry about a disgruntled employee. Everything is logged. When creating user accounts, you can specify their role and grant only limited access.

Rock-Solid Security

Included with all licensees is a standard SSL certificate with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

Double-Down, if you Want

Two-factor authentication can be added as an option.